A community of highly experienced and influential veterinary professionals from a broad range of sectors in Kenya have joined up with exciting Africa focussed technology company, Cojengo, to take an important step to help shape and develop Kenyan-specific diagnostic and disease surveillance tools.

The new Cojengo programme – Saving Lives with Mobile, aims to improve livestock health and treatment of diseases. The ambitious mission and journey we aim to go on is - to enable every famer in Africa to save the lives of their livestock.

To succeed in this mission our goals include:

  • Increasing accessibility to smartphones and other technology
  • Improving disease diagnosis in rural areas
  • Helping link livestock keepers and veterinary professionals
  • Increasing the volume and accuracy of disease reporting
  • Creating sustainable models so we can keep on helping

Bringing together distinguished experts to form a community to create and share information and by adding the latest technology, we aim to tackle some of Kenya and East Africa’s biggest challenges.