Healthy Livestock, Happy People

Africa’s first integrated livestock diagnosis and disease surveillance platform. This includes:

  1. VetAfrica Mobile, a mobile app (running on Windows and Android smartphones) for users in the field to assist with diagnosis, data collection and education
  2. VetAfrica Hub, an online data management dashboard to review, share and act upon live surveillance data
  3. VetAfrica Expert, a proven and quick method allowing the addition of new diseases and species to the platform, which can be done in person or online. We work with the regions most experienced Veterinary professionals to customise and add to VetAfrica.


Large organisations, individual farmers and veterinary professionals can gain access to this suite of tools to help lower misdiagnosis, capture data from the field faster and save lives of livestock to improve the economy.

Cojengo customers experience lower costs, increased productivity and export potential – helping them outperform others and become country leaders and innovators.


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